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Hurley's Fresh Market History
Bob Hurley began his career in the food business in 1968 while still in high school. He worked as a part time bagger for the Super Duper Supermarket in Elmira, New York until he graduated.
After graduation he was promoted to full time and was transferred to the Produce department where he trained as a Produce Clerk. A few short years later, Bob was promoted to Produce Manager, than to Assistant Store Manager, and finally to Store Manager.
In 1982, after fourteen years at retail, Bob was given the opportunity to purchase his first store. Together with his wife Ann, Bob purchased the Super Duper Market in Dushore, Pennsylvania.
In just one year, Bob and Ann were able to expand the store and add a Deli and Bakery department to compliment his existing operation.
In 1989, Bob and Ann purchased their second store in Troy, Pennsylvania. It was a larger 9,500 Sq. Ft. store so he recruited his three sons to join him in the business. Chris, Nick and Rob all worked in the store part time while they went to high school and college. After graduating from college, Chris and Rob left the family business to pursue their own careers, while Nick remained in the business and is still active today.
In 1996, the Hurleys purchased their third store in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Two years later they built a new, ground up 18,000 Sq. Ft. replacement store in Troy, Pennsylvania and closed the smaller unit. Bob Hurley and family were now running three profitable supermarkets and overnight became very successful, strong independent retailers.
In 2001, after three very successful years in Troy, Bob Hurley was offered a "deal of a lifetime" to sell this store to the supermarket wholesaler Penn Traffic Inc. Bob capitalized on the opportunity and today that store is a Bi Lo corporate store, still owned by Penn Traffic.
In 2003, Bob Hurley moved his business to the Connecticut based wholesaler Bozzuto's Inc. and was recruited into the IGA program where he was already a perfect match for the Hometown Proud heritage of the IGA format. This same year, Bob promoted his son Nick to the title of General Manager and gave him a challenge to grow the business using the IGA format as his starting point. Nick accepted the challenge and began immediately working the IGA program with all it has to offer.
In 2008, Bob and Nick made a decision to expand and totally re-model the Towanda location. The re-model expanded the store from 17,000 Sq. Ft. to 22,000 Sq. Ft. with all new refrigerated cases, new gondolas, new floor, new ceiling, new lights and new décor. It expanded the Produce and Deli department to three times its size and doubled the Meat department. The total re-model took 14 months to complete and the expense and effort has proven to be very successful for the Hurley Family. They have become the pillars of their community and have stood up and met the IGA challenge and won.
Bob and Nick Hurley are truly Hometown Proud IGA Retailers.